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WEB Services using Canadian Servers

Unlike our competitors, we don’t offer unrealistic plans with “unlimited disk space and bandwidth for $1 a month” – leading to slow loading and often inaccessible websites. You can be assured that you will always receive the level of service and reliability that Canadians have come to expect from the solution they choose.

When you choose Accra Solution Inc. for your company’s web services needs, you choose security, professionalism and peace of mind. Accra Solutions Inc. has been trusted for years by some of Canada’s leading Corporations and government entities. 

Accra WEB Services comprises of over 130 WEB solutions software packages as well as dedicated VPS or dedicated Hardware infrastructure for your personal or business.



WEB Services - Microsoft Office 365 - Get the latest Office on desktop, phone and tablet.

Accra WEB Services - Secure Email WEB Services

WEB Services


Discover our Web, Dedicated and Cloud solutions.

  • Microsoft Outlook Enterprise
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Enterprise Grade email, Messaging, FTP services
  • WEB Hosting
  • Cloud Servers (VPS and Dedicated)
  • Private Cloud
  • Secure Backup and Sync Services
  • Enterprise Grade IP AnyCast DNS Hosting with 14 locations across the world.
  • WEB Site/APP Programming
  • Over 130 other services including WordPress, Joomla, OwnCloud, Piwigo, WebCalendar and Moodle hosting

Our Cloud services and Private cloud services  are completely hosted in CANADA.

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