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Custom Solutions can turn your ideas into effective Business Solutions

Be unique, distinguish yourself from the Crowd! That is a key recommendation for SUCCESS in today’s world.

Most application software that you use will be ‘off the shelf’ packages and the same application will typically be run by thousands or even millions of users. One-size-fits-all doesn’t work when it comes to the essential tools that run your business.

The other type of software that you may use is CUSTOM SOFTWARE which has been specifically developed for your particular organization. 

When a customer believes that their flavor is unique and putting their ideas into practice is key to their success, then custom software development technologies are the tools to solving their problems.

Custom solution software take the most progressive technologies and combines them with the preferences and expectations of the customer to turn an idea into the KEY Business Solution the customer wants.   Thinking outside of the Box can provide you with the tool that represent your success story.  Custom software enable you to develop software solutions that map your unique business processes rather than changing your business processes to conform to what a “packaged software” provides.

Custom software may be designed in a stage by stage processes, allowing all nuances and possible hidden dangers to be taken into account, including issues which were not mentioned in the original specifications.  Managing risk and delivering your unique solution is the service we provide.


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Examples of projects we have completed are:


  • Employee Invoicing and Time Management system (database)

  • Food Distribution system (database)

  • Food Service Buying Group System

  • Custom Financial Management system (database)

  • Library Catalogue System (database)

  • Appointment Scheduler System (database)

  • Warehouse Distribution system (database)

  • Inventory Management System (database)

  • WEB Based Legal Translation system (database)

  • Manufactured Housing Web Site (database)

  • Law Office Web Sites (database)

  • Web Appointment Application (database)

  • Legal Dictionary System (desktop and web based- database)

  • Bank Currency Trading System (database)

  • Custom Pharmacy System Integration

  • Custom Pharmacy Network Implementation

  • Translation Billing System (database)

  • Translation Tracking System (database)

  • Police Break and Enter Tracking System (database)

  • Municipal Permit Management System (database)

  • Municipal Building Permit System (database)

  • Dairy Manufacturing and Forecasting System (database)

  • Legal Practice Management System (database)

  • Eye Care Practice Management System (database)

  • Ophthalmology Practice Management System (database)

  • Optical Store Management System (database)

  • Medical Peer Review Web Based Administration System (database)

  • Soccer League Management System (database)

  • Supplier Management System

  • Basketball League Management System (database)

  • Membership Database

  • Membership Rebate Management System

  • Pawn Shop Management System (database)

  • Connectivity and Integration to Medical Devices

  • Time Clock System

  • VOIP System for Legal Firm

  • VOIP System for Consultant Firm

  • VOIP System for Accountant Firm

  • VOIP System for Retail

  • Internet Remote Access and Support System

  • Custom WEB based Applications and web sites

  • Technology Reviews

  • Software Reviews

  • Software Appraisals

  • Network Design and Implementation